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Material Design450MATERIAL DESIGN:  Based on the product application specifics, our design team develops and tests specific materials that are best suited for the intended application. By carefully reviewing various performance data, we can determine the most suitable material characteristics that will provide optimum performance during the product's life cycle.  See our Materials Page for a complete listing of all available materials that we can offer.

Product Design450PRODUCT DESIGN:  Close collaboration with our customers provides us critical insight into all product performance requirements. This information enables us to optimize the product design in order to provide a component that exceeds the intended performance characteristics.

CONVERSIONS:  Our design group reviews our customers' existing processes and components, and in many cases, can design a powder metal conversion that offers significant cost savings with no sacrifice to quality or performance.

Process Design450PROCESS DESIGN:  Through our Advanced Quality Planning process, we design a specific process that maximizes material handling techniques, and provides the most efficient and effective first pass yield. Quality is built into the process, determined at every critical process step, thus providing a very high degree of confidence in the end product.

Powder Metal Products

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